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Criticism is unavoidable as far as books are concerned. Students need to write a book critique in some courses. The aim of a book critique essay is to express the feelings and emotions about a book while reading it. In fact, a good book critique helps to understand the strengths and/or weaknesses of a book. A good book critique must be presented in a proper format.

A book critique is defined as the literary analysis of a book. It is the student’s opinion about the author’s idea, writing style, source usage and argument. Students must know the format for book critique when writing such an assignment. Without a proper book critique format, students cannot write a successful book critique.

Book Critique Format: Structure

A book critique is actually not the summary or evaluation of the book. There are several format requirements for writing a book critique. The book critique format must follow specific structure:

  1. It should begin with a title followed by a bibliographic citation.
  2. It should contain an introduction that provides information such as author’s idea of writing the book, the author's background, writing style, source usage. 
  3. It should consist of a brief synopsis or review of the book.
  4. It should then include the detailed literary analysis of the book based on predefined book critique format.
  5. It should finally include a proper conclusion to the critique.

Book Critique Format: Requirements

    1. Students must follow the above book critique format structure, and write the book critique in an interesting and thought-provoking manner.
    2. When writing the literary critique or analysis section, a student must introduce only his/her thoughts and ideas about the book.

      A book critique will be successful only if the students analyze all the literary components of the book, and express their thoughts about the book according to the book critique format. Once a student knows the proper book critique format, he/she can write successful book critiques through practice.

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