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Papers on Divorce: Divorce from Different Perspectives

papers on divorce article

Divorce is one of those topics which analysis can greatly vary in different contexts. Writing a divorce paper in a religion class is not the same thing as writing papers on divorce in a sociological or legal context.

In that regard, divorce papers are assignments, which are unified under the theme of divorce. This article provides different perspectives on writing divorce papers, outlining the main distinctions of the process.


In a legal context, a paper on divorce might approach the topic in terms of its legislative forms. A good ground for analysis can be found in comparing the differences in legislations, requirements and forms between different states and/or countries. In that regard, divorce papers can be seen as descriptive reports aimed at delivering insights into the peculiarities of each form of legislation.


In the social aspect, papers on divorce can be approached as a phenomenon in the society. In that regard, writing divorce papers implies outlining such aspects as statistical data, demographics, causes, effects, etc. Generally, sociology is concerned with searching for commonalities and differences in order to outline a specific pattern of behavior. Additionally, papers on divorce can be indirectly related to the problem of divorce, e.g. the academic impact on children of divorced parents.


The religious aspect in divorce papers can be also based on comparisons, where generally, the areas of comparison include different confessions of one religion, or different religions. Additional element in such context can be seen in analyzing the rationale of the existence of such differences. In that regard, religious analysis might be combined with historical analysis, specifically outlining the turning periods for divorce.

There are many approaches through which the theme of divorce can be covered. The main point is to identify the context for such analysis.

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