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Narrative Report Writing: Narrating the Experience in Reports

narrative report writing article

Everyone knows what report writing is, or at least supposed to know. When it comes to narrative report writing, the issue might get a little bit more complicated. Well, it should not be. Basically, narrative report writing is the same as report writing but with some sense of personalization, which is explained through the usage of the term narrative. The latter might be oversimplification, and thus, this article will attempt to explain in detail what narrative report writing is.

Overview of Narrative Report Writing

The most common forms of narrative report writing can be seen in police reports, medical reports, and legal reports. The common elements in all these reports are their descriptive nature, which contains personal opinions. Despite being personalized, the authors are authoritative enough for these opinions to be considered credible.

Thus, narrative report writing is the process through which an experience is described, and told from the author’s point of view. Additionally, it should be stated that narrative report writing does not always imply professional and career-related elements. Narrative report writing is also a common form of academic assignments, which might involve writing a report on a book, an experience, an experiment, etc.

General Guidelines

The main guidelines for narrative report writing are similar to those of ordinary reports, i.e. being brief, concise, easy to read, and attractive. Additional guidelines, characteristic to narrative report writing, can be seen in the following:

  • The usage of the first person perspective is preferable, as these reports represent the narration of the author.
  • Use descriptive language.
  • In professional reports, the basis of the authors’ credibility and the reasons’ why their opinion is authoritative should be stated in the report.


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