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Walker Percy Essays: Analyzing Philosophical Reflections

Walker Percy essays article

Analyzing such assignments as Walker Percy essays, it can be stated that they usually imply analyzing the life of the great American author Walker Percy. Nevertheless, other type of assignments that can be given in literature class is the analysis of Walker Percy’s essays, most notably "The Loss of the Creature".

"The Loss of the Creature" is Walker Percy’s essay, in which he analyzes human ability to experience their reality. With Walker Percy’s essay being a difficult text on its own, its analysis can be frustrating in terms of linking the author’s ideas with the personal reflection on the subject. In that regard, this article touches on the topic of Walker Percy’s essay, providing recommendations on analyzing such work in an academic assignment.

The list of recommendations on the analysis of Walker Percy’s essay includes the following essential points:

  • Approach Walker Percy’s essay as a philosophical work, i.e. subjective interpretation, and thus, the provided opinions are subjected to discussions and debates.
  • Take the ideas in Walker Percy’s essay in the context of his other works, specifically the collection The Message in the Bottle, in which "The Loss of the Creature" was published.
  • Do not summarize the contents of the essay. It can be assumed that the readers of your work are familiar with Walker Percy’s essay, in terms of its main points. In that regard, a brief overview in the introduction will be sufficient to introduce Walker Percy and the work to be analyzed.
  • Finally, the ideas of "The Loss of the Creature" are applicable to many life aspects, and thus, a good demonstration of clear understanding of the text can be seen in providing examples of the implementation of Percy’s ideas to recent setting, e.g. reactions of the society to recent events, opinions on controversial issues, etc.
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