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  1. Critical Instance Case Study. This type of case study paper writing focuses on uniqueness. Paying less attention to generalization, critical instance case study is the best way to explore cause-and-effect issues, paying more attention to details.
  2. Illustrative Case Study. This is the best way to describe, research and analyze in-depth the problem. Our writing service urges you to use illustrative case studies in those cases when you want to inform about something new. Do your best to describe the unknown, making it understandable and familiar.
  3. Program Implementation Case Study. If there are any implementation problems, you should better choose this kind of case study. Concentrating more on generalizations, program implementations show the entire picture.
  4. Exploratory Case Study. This is a short version of a case study. Usually it is useful before you jump into a deep and thorough research. Exploratory case studies prepare the ground and lead you to the topic.
  5. Cumulative Case Study. This is a summary and evaluation of information obtained from different sources and at different times. Use this case study to compare, contrast, and draw conclusions.

By using correctly these types of case studies, you may investigate one problem from different angles. But, even more important, you may arrive at deep and useful conclusions, by examining the problem in detail and studying all sides of it.

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